Answers to some questions that are frequently asked...

This depends entirely on the project. Our projects range from simple storage conversions to fully converted vertical extensions. Contact us for a no obligation quotation. The cost is also balanced by the value added to the property. In terms of “bang for your buck” investment a loft is the best return on investment you can make in your property.
This is also dependant on the project as well as the level of finishes required. Creating storage space can take a day but creating a living space requires a significantly longer amount of time.
The process is minimally disruptive as we go in through the roof and a lot of the construction takes place off-site.
This depends on the project. Our services include obtaining municipal approval on your behalf should it be required.
Only when we reach the final phase where we construct the access system do we need access to the interior of your home.
We have been in business since 2000 and have successfully finalised a variety of projects ranging in levels of complexity.
Yes. Our guarantee is for 2 years with no conditions attached.
We arrive at a final design after exhaustive consultation with you the client. During this process we offer various ideas. Design can sometimes be limited by the existing structure.
This can be dealt with in various ways. Dormer windows are normally sufficient.
No. Loft room conversions are the least disruptive of the normal additions to a home.
That depends on you. The finish level is specified by you the client.
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