Do you need a granny flat? space for a student living at home? a mancave? a home office?

We take care of the entire process….

Loft Ladders

Add storage Space

Loft and Attic Rooms

Add Living Space

Vertical Extensions

Add a Room

How it works...

We take care of the entire hassle or running around for you...


This is an expert project and involves a knowledge of the structural design of your home. We fulfill the architectural function to ensure that what we build is not only beautiful but structurally sound.

Municipal Approvals

Obtaining all the relevant municipal permissions may not be required for your conversion but if it is a prerequisite then it is good to know you are dealing with a registered architectural designer that has the ability to get everything approved quickly and efficiently.


Building efficiently and cost effectively Time is money especially in the construction industry. Having all the necessary skills under one roof has many advantages. No arguments between what the architect envisions and the builder constructs.

What we do...

Loft Ladders

Use your unused roof space by installing a fold down ladder for easy access and creat an attic store room. We install the ladder and flooring.

Loft Room

Loft and Attic Rooms

Depending on the pitch of your roof we can easily add living space in your roof. Combining a loft room with dormer windows can easily lend itself to the creation of additional living space.

Vertical Extentions

Vertical extensions are the answer should the pitch of your roof not be suitable for a loft room. Add another room to your house and save up to 50% on cost of adding a brick and mortar addition. It is also convenient as you do not have to move out during the construction phase.

About the company

Easy Rooms was started in 2000 in response to an emerging trend in the home renovation market. Greg, who is a qualified architectural designer incorporated his architectural practice with the design and construction of his Easy Rooms to create a seamless process for the homeowner.

Let's Create Your Design

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